4C, 4 Momma, 4D, 4A, and 4B

4C, 4 Momma, 4D, 4A, and 4B
Most of the Four me (and you) fam

Monday, December 5, 2011

Update on reading

This is gonna be quick and dirty, friends. Sorry! Short on time and sleep, long on sick kids and to-dos...more is coming in this regard, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, I didn't want to leave you hanging out there in cyberspace.

4A, as I last reported, moved from the highest level reading group to the lowest. She has been in her new group for one solid week. She is doing BEAUTIFULLY!! She is responding wonderfully to the explicit scaffolding and framing of inferential thinking that takes place there. She is interacting appropriately with her peers.

The most importantly glorious part is that she's HAPPY!!! She comes home much happier each day and rarely shows opposition about homework. We have more compliance and less drama.

It's a great, great thing. The brilliant Dr. Steve, OF COURSE, was absolutely right. 4A will always, ALWAYS do best when she has strong behavioral support from a teacher who "gets" her.

I promise to chat with you later about this in more detail, but for now, just know that she's doing great!

And, of course, 'tis the season. I'm thinking of rewriting the ever-popular 12 Days to go something like this..."In the first week of December, my Aspie gave to me: 10 overcorrected lost pebbles, 5 behavioral tickets, 2 missed homework assignments, 2 notes home from teachers, and a blue slip in her folder." AAHHH! The joys of an Aspie in this anticipatory season of mayhem.

More soon....

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