4C, 4 Momma, 4D, 4A, and 4B

4C, 4 Momma, 4D, 4A, and 4B
Most of the Four me (and you) fam

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Our big bake sale was an ENORMOUS success!

We were very busy almost the entire time (we were open from 7:30 am to 4 pm). But, I did find a moment to grab a bite with the guest of honor.

The grilled-to-order hotdogs and basket raffles were a nice addition. Many folks we knew but LOTS we did not. :)

4A did the face painting. She even made 4Daddy a "two face."

4B ran the "fish pond" game (although I don't have a picture of him, just 4A and her grandpa "catching" a "fish;" 4B was on the other side, clipping a prize to the clothespin hook each time it was cast over and giving it a tug).

4C did manicures...LOTS of LONG manicures with LOTS of sparkle.

4D rolled with the punches, of course, even letting 4A paint her up like a doggie.

Mostly, the bake sale was a success because my children got to experience first-hand what it is to work just for the benefit of someone else with nothing to "gain" for themselves. They had a blast! They were very proud, and I was even prouder of their generous spirits.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that we raised about $1700 plus at the sale? (which puts us at $2200 and counting for the year.) And, no one asked to keep it (although, 4B did comment that it probably was enough for the Lego Cargo Train he's dying to have).

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