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4C, 4 Momma, 4D, 4A, and 4B
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Final day of Camp COOL!

Ahhh...we're almost there!

Around March, it hit me that these kids would be home with me all day every day for THREE months. EGADS! So, I dragged out my calendar (the old fashioned paper kind, thank you very much) and began to rough in my summer calendar. 4A saw me doing this and started BEGGING for Mommy Camp. What is Mommy Camp, you ask?

A few years back, Mommy Camp was a big mistake. Another mom of four and I put together a mommy camp for our 8 with themes, crafts, stories, and snacks for three hours each day of five consecutive days. While my kids enjoyed the heck out of that week, I, frankly, did not.

So, when the begging for mommy camp started, I knew I could do it (because mommies can do EVERYTHING, 4C routinely informs me) but needed a much smaller scale.

I decided I could handle a 4 full days with some free and cheap field trips and a few playdates. I didn't want to spend much, and I wasn't up to all the effort of a theme this time. We like crafts best, so I planned a ton of those. I did not give the kids input on what we did, save a few "do you want to do X or Y?"-type scenarios. I mean do I look like I want to spend four full days and $5,000 at Chuck E Cheese? I think not. And, of course, as always, my main goal was that everyone ended the week breathing.

4A named our camp Camp COOL this year (of course, she subsequently decided that name was "lame" and wanted it to be called "Mommy's vacation lame-o camp," but that's a story for another day and a martini).

I'll spare you the minutiae of all we did, but over the next few days, I'm going to share with YOU a few of the things we tried that are worth their weight in quiet!

So, here you go, my friend, my first QUIET MAKER!

(I know you're drum rolling and quaking with anticipation....)

Quiet maker: scavenger hunt breakfast

Mom time spent: 10 minutes
Kid time spent: at least 30 minutes

Prep: The night before, pack each kid a breakfast in a brown bag, labelled with her name (and even embellished with cute drawings, tic-tac-toe boards or drawings to color in, if you like, just don't forgot to plop a pen or crayons in the bag). Pack treats, stuff they love that you won't regularly buy (cereal in little boxes, individual bottles of chocolate milk, sleeves of donettes). Using post-it notes, make a series of clues to lead them to their "Campers' Delight breakfast in a bag." Hide those bags well! The better the hide, the more quiet you'll get.

Scavenger hunt breakfast in action: Call the kids to attention with a rousing rendition of Revelry on the kazoo and present them with their first clue. What fun! And you, my friend, just bought yourself enough time to SIT DOWN and enjoy your first cup of coffee.

Come back tomorrow to learn about Quiet Maker: kid-friendly batik name banners.

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